Terms & Conditions

This terms & conditions is valid for all use by you of the fnfshop.com.bd website and the services offered on or at the Site. It’s a mandatory agreement among you & FNF Shop.

If you use our Services only for your personal use, you are considered a "User". If you use our Services to accomplish orders or supply Products to third parties (including Customers), you are considered a "Vendors".

We are enclosing terms & conditions for our services which are accessible issue to your recognition without alteration.  This includes also some other actions like shipping, return policy etc. If you place an order at our site, you have to accept this agreement. 

1. Entrance & Membership

Firstly, you have to register at our site & become a member to enjoy all our services. It is necessary to fill up all compulsory personal data like first name, last name, email address, mobile no and password. You cannot use other user’s account without their concern. Yor are responsible only for the action that occurs on your own account. You must preserve your account password safe and sound. If you feel any breach of security or illegal use of your account then please inform us as early as possible.  We will not be responsible for your losses caused by any illegal use of your account. Moreover, you may be blamed for the losses of FNF shop and others due to such illegal use.

FNF Shop reserve rights for modification, suspend or terminate the Services, Products, fees, charges, terms at any time, including the availability of any feature or content. We may also control your entrance at our site without announcement or obligation. If you are an individual (rather than an organization or entity), then you certify to FNF Shop that you are at least 18 years old. If you are using the Services on behalf of an organization or individual, then you certify that you are legally accredited and legalized to bind such organization or individual to this Agreement and use the Services. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned, you agree to take full accountability for your selection and use of the Services. This Agreement is void where prohibited by law, and the right to access or use the Services is repealed in such authorities.

2. Adjustments

FNF Shop reserved right to change this terms & conditions as well as other actions for our Services, at any time & effective immediately after we post adjustment data on the Site. You have to check our terms & conditions time to time to see these adjustments. If you do not agree to the adjustments, you must send us a written notification, including via email. We need 30 days of notice to delete your account permanently. 

3. Content share by Vendors

You can share content as images, pictures, data, text, photographs, graphics, messages etc. that you post, submit, upload, reviews, comments, display etc. We don’t make any claim(s) to it. 

3.1 Responsibility for the Content
It is clear that you are solely blamable for the Content that you post on or through the Services. You signify that you have all essential rights to the Content, including all essential rights to post it or use it on your Products sold, manufactured, or warehoused by FNF Shop. 

3.2 Permission to Use the Content
We will never use your Content except with your direct authorization or as otherwise provided in this Agreement.

3.3 Reporting Unauthorized Content
We are dedicated to following applicable authorized actions to remove infringing content from the Service(s).

3.4 Intellectual Property

Content must fulfil with right of publicity, trademark and copyright laws, and all other appropriate laws.

3.5 Repeat Infringement
FNF Shop may terminate account privileges of vendors that are subject to repeat notices of copyright laws

3.6 Inappropriate, False, or Misleading Content
When you register as vendor you have to agree that you will not post any content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, illegal or otherwise offensive or in violation of any part of this Agreement. You also agree not to post any content that is false or misleading.

4. Use of Services

You have to agree that you will not violate any laws in connection with your use of the services. This includes any local, state, federal, and international laws that may apply to you or FNF Shop. For example, it’s your responsibility to obtain any permits or licenses that your store may require; you must not engage in fraud, theft, anti-competitive conduct, threatening conduct, or any other unlawful acts or crimes against FNF Shop, another FNF Shop user, or a third party. 

You have to agree not to interfere with or try to disrupt our Services also. For example by distributing a virus or other harmful computer code into our platforms, third party services, or other programs or systems our clients may use to promote their Products.  

5. Limited Warranty on Products

We warrant that, the Product will not be materially defective or damaged at the time of delivery of a product to a user or the vendor’s customer, named as limited warranty.  If the products are materially defective or damaged, we will take further actions as soon as possible either: (a) replace such product with free of charge, or (b) refund the purchase price paid to us by the user or the vendor along with the shipping fees corresponding to the defective or damaged Products. 

If you received the wrong Product then you are also under this limited warranty. If you are a Vendor, your customer should contact you regarding any defective or damaged product and with respect to any delivery of the wrong Product.   

6. Payments and fees

You may choose to save your billing information to use it for all future orders and charges associated with FNF Shop Products and/or Services. In such case, you also acknowledge and agree that this information will be stored and processed by third party service providers.

When you order a Product, or use a Service that has a fee, you will be charged, and you agree to pay, the fees in effect at the time the order is placed. We may change our fees from time to time. Shopping cart will be adjusted if you order before payment proceeding. 

With regard to payment methods, you represent to FNF Shop that (i) the billing information you supply to us is true, correct, and complete and (ii) to the best of your knowledge, charges incurred by you will be honored by your financial institution (including but not limited to credit card company) or payment service provider. We also permit you cash on delivery as payment method in Dhaka city only. In case of card payment, we will not be liable to you or any third party by reason of refusing or suspending any transaction after processing has begun. After receiving your order, you may receive an email from us with the details and description of the Products ordered. 

7. Taxes

Aside from the limited circumstances set out below, you are responsible for (and shall charge) all applicable taxes, such as but not limited to sales taxes, VAT and others, and duties associated with the Products (if and as applicable).

8. Shipping 

After placing your order, it might not be possible to edit or cancel it. If you want to change some parameters, Customer addresses, etc., please check whether such an option is available in your account. We are not bound to make such modifications to your order, but we will do our best on a case-by-case basis. 

If a Product was lost in transit, you may make a written claim for replacement of (or credit to the member’s account for) the lost Product in compliance with FNF Shop’s Return Policy. All claims must be submitted no later than 30 days after the estimated delivery date for products lost in transit. But we need investigation for all such claims.

9. Description of products

We give our best effort that all products available for purchase are described right way on their specific page on our Site. We always try to represent each design as accurately as possible via photography and copy points provided by designers, artists or photographers.

Before ordering, we invite you to have a close look at the Product description and design. Because we have a policy of continuous product development so we can provide you with what we consider the best design combined with best performance. 

We provide best images and descriptions at our site, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that colors and details in website images are 100% accurate representations of the product, and sizes might in some cases be approximate.

10. Purchase of products

All Orders should be placed and received at the Site. Before ordering from us, it is your responsibility to check and determine full ability to receive the products. Correct name of the recipient, delivery address and postal code/zip code, up-to-date telephone number, and email address are absolutely necessary to ensure successful delivery of Products.

All information asked on the checkout page must be filled in precisely and accurately. FNF Shop will not be responsible for missed delivery because of a wrong or misspelled recipient name or surname, delivery address or an inappropriate phone number. 

11. Delivery

We deliver all over the places of Bangladesh. Delivery prices are additional to the product’s price and may vary depending on delivery location. Please take note that additional charges may be added to the order for remote or difficult to access locations that require special attention. Flat rate delivery charges are shown on our checkout page; however, we reserve the right to advise you of any additional delivery charges that apply to your specific delivery address.

12. Privacy and Personal Data Processing

FNF Shop collects your personal data to provide our Services. We are committed to protecting your personal data and privacy and our Privacy Policy details and explains how we are processing Site visitor and User personal information. By accepting this Agreement, you are also accepting and acknowledging our Privacy Policy.

If you are a Vendor and provide us with your end-user personal data, our Data Processing Terms, which are incorporated in this Agreement by reference.

13. Contact

You can mail us at any time for any issue. We are here to give you best services.