Cancellation & Return Policy

Return & Replacement Policy

We do not compromise on quality. It's very rare where we did not deliver the product well. So, there is that trust between the customer and us. Even then, sometimes unforeseen events occur that are beyond our control. We do not want to lose the trust of the customer even if this unfortunate thing happens. To keep this belief intact, we have a cancellation and return policy for you.

These are the following reasons for which we allow our product return from customer:

It can be canceled up to 24 hours after ordering. After that the order will not be canceled in any way. 

Problems must be reported within 72 hours of receiving the product. After that it will not be included in our return policy.

There are a few things to keep in mind when returning. The packet of the product cannot be destroyed i.e. the packaging must remain intact. The product must be unused, if for any reason it is understood that it has been used, there is no way to return it.

If there is any promo offer, you have to return it with this return otherwise the return is not acceptable. 

If you do not take the product after delivery, you must pay the delivery charge.

If you want to return the product later, the customer will be obliged to pay all the expenses except the price of the product.

In many cases, vouchers are given to the customer to buy another product without refund. We reserve this right.

If we fail to deliver after ordering, all charges will be refunded.

Order usually takes 72 hours in Dhaka city and 5 days outside Dhaka. If this goes out, the customer will be able to cancel the order and all charges will be refunded.

Reasons for returns & replacement

1. If there is a problem with the color of the product.

2. In case of wrong product delivery for any reason.

3. If the ordered size is not delivered

4. If the product is defective or damaged, it can be returned.

How to return:

1. Contact our team

2. Quality check by our team after returning.

3. We will give feedback about return within 7 days.

Refund Policy

  After giving feedback from our quality team, we will proceed the refund. It may take 3 days.

  If the replacement is possible then we will replace the product but if it is out of stock then we will refund within 3 days. 

  All charges except the price of the product consider as non-refundable charges. 

  No refund policy is applicable for Cash on Delivery.

  After receiving replacement message via mail, we will refund through our suitable payment method.  


  If online payment is made once more due to technical error, Payment refund will be made if any technical error will happen.